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Jennifer Wiese - Workroom Social

06/04/2021 2:00 PM | Jennifer Phillips (Administrator)

Jennifer Wiese ~ Brooklyn, New York

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Jennifer Wiese is founder of Workroom Social, a Brooklyn, NY-based sewing studio. At Workroom Social, we teach adults how to sew clothes that fit their unique styles and individual body shapes + sizes. Through sewing we build communities, stimulate creativity, & help improve women’s self-esteem & confidence by empowering them to sew the clothes they want to wear. Together we learn from each #sewingfail & celebrate every #sewingwin, no matter how small. We use our shared passion for sewing to connect with those we might not meet otherwise, & we create opportunities for our students to develop relationships that go far beyond sewing itself.

Jennifer believes that every woman can lead a joyful, creative, & confident life. She knows that sewing your own clothes (& wearing these you-made clothes) is a surefire way to cultivate these things every day.

Do you work alone?

I work alone most of the time, but I do hire contractors sometimes for events and other needs.

What professional title do you use?

I never know what title to use. Founder, owner, CEO, educator...I wear all the hats, but never quite know how to refer to my job position.

How long have you been sewing professionally?

10-15 years

What is something that you have always wanted to learn?

I love learning new things always! And I actively work to learn new things constantly. Not sure if there's something specific that I can point to at this time.

What is your favorite task to do in your business?

Running my large-scale retreats. I love logistics!

What goals do you have for your business (or yourself professionally) in the next 5 years?

In 5 years time I hope to have a library of digital sewing patterns for sale, a popular YouTube channel, and 4 large-scale retreats running annually (currently I have 1 retreat that runs annually).

What else should we know about you or your business?

Right now I am focused on building my company's YouTube channel.


Youtube @workroomsocial

Instagram @workroomsocial

Twitter @workroomsocial

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  • 05/09/2022 11:21 AM | Dee Dee Anderson
    I am a beginner at organizing sewing workshops. I'm putting together my very first one in November. I could learn so much from you. If you go to baltimore conference, please find me. I would love to get to know you better.
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