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April Jackson

09/03/2018 12:00 PM | Jennifer Phillips (Administrator)

April JacksonIn 1987 I was 20 years old and trying to decide what to do for a living. I knew I liked to sew but how would I go about learning this skill? What type of work would there be for someone with sewing skills? It was suggested to me to speak with one of the tailors working in the town where I lived and see if they would be willing to have me apprentice with them to learn their trade. At this time, I was unaware that people actually paid other people to sew their clothes for them! I did find a tailor who took me on as an apprentice at that time. After one full year of apprenticeship, fifteen years of self-employment, two years in a custom dress shop, 9 years in a draperies establishment, 4 years at an alterations store and one year at a bridal shop I have all the knowledge and skills of a Master Alterations Specialist.

There was no condensed, direct route that taught all the alterations and repairs you would need to know to be and Alterations Specialist. Years of apprenticeship, training and on-the-job experience was how one would acquire skills in the sewing trade.

Currently I am living in London, Ontario with my husband, Scott and I have two children, Michael (20) and Rose (18). I own a sewing business, Jackson Sewing and Academy, but my career “baby” is my sewing school, Jackson Sewing Academy. With my online sewing school, I am creating an extensive, customizable course so you can learn the skills needed to become an Alterations Specialist. Included are step-by-step, easy to follow video demonstrating every alteration and/or repair one would need to know to work in this field, along with printable, easy to understand text and images covering many other topics beneficial to this trade. Individuals can learn at their own pace, they can learn everything there is to know to run their own full-service alterations business or just the skills needed to work in a specific area of retail clothing.

I had decided to join the ASDP because of the certification programs. Students who complete my course can acquire certification and thus recognition for their skills.

Creating a course like this has been a dream of mine for 25 years and I am thrilled to finally see it come to life!

2885 Sanford Ave SW #19588, Grandville, MI 49418 ~ Toll-Free (877) 755-0303 

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