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Linnca Stevens

10/27/2022 8:19 PM | Anonymous

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Linnca Stevens is the Co-Founder, Program and Curriculum Developer, and Operation/Program Manager for The Sewing Labs (TSL). In addition, she has extensive background in both Retail Creative marketplace and Industrial Quilting. Her business includes employees, contractors, or coworkers. 

Linnca tells us "Sewing is the Religion that sustains me."  She has been Involved in the fabric and sewing industries for over 45 years and brings hands on knowledge and skill of the industry.  She enjoys sharing the joy of sewing and seeing others become inspired and empowered by learning to sew.  One thing she would like to learn is pattern drafting.  Her goal is to establish a well-respected Industrial Sewing training program that is a highly recommended and key to support individual to gain emotional and financial dignity and independent through sewing.

Linnca’s business, TSL, is a Registered Apprenticeship program host and Related Training Institute with the US and Missouri Departments of Labor (DOL).  Linnca has been named an Apprenticeship Ambassador from DOL.  TSL is creating a pipeline where they connect at-risk individuals where there are to Training and then to partnering businesses needing sewists.

TSL is currently focused to build a sustainable pipeline of new sewists to support and expand the American marketplace.  Linnca’s experience in fabric retail ranges from mom & pop and corporate operations, merchandising and the customer experience including the development of classroom curriculum for a nationwide sewing program. In addition, she has been a designer in the ""Indie"" garment & quilt arena.  She has done designing for companies such as Need L' Love & Peppermint Pig. Linnca's love for anything fabric & mixed methods drive her to share the legacy of sewing and to allow others to understand the self-enrichment that it brings. The tradition of sewing has been passed down thru her family for multiple generations and is what drives her.

Linnca can be found at her brick-and-mortar location, home studio, Website (, Facebook (@ thesewinglabs), Instagram (@ thesewinglabs), Linked In (@ thesewinglabs), Pinterest (@ thesewinglabs), Twitter (@ thesewinglabs), and Tik Tok (@ thesewinglabs)

2885 Sanford Ave SW #19588, Grandville, MI 49418 ~ Toll-Free (877) 755-0303 

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