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COVID-19 Sales Increases in Sewing Related Businesses During COVID-19 - Report from Strategic Sewing & Quilting Summit

09/24/2020 6:07 AM | Anonymous

I was doing to some reading this morning and came across this really interesting report put out by the Strategic Sewing & Quilting Summit about the state of the sewing industry during COVID-19. 

Here is the interesting overview of the study. It's actually a follow up of a previous report put out mid April.

Here's the original report.

Report Overview

Since our last report, the uncertainty of the future remains, but the pandemic has had a positive impact on our industry. Sales are up. Our industry is being forced to innovate in the digital sales space, and it is expected that it will help all of us. The global pandemic has had a significant impact on global sewing supply chains.

Brick and Mortar retailers have rebounded a bit since the start of the pandemic. They have adapted with curbside, social distance shopping, and improving and optimizing their digital presence. Yet, they are still hurting without retailer events. Keeping everyone safe with social distancing often requires a higher labor cost. Retailers have reported moving workshops online, through workshops. 

In our industry, event-based companies are bearing the brunt of the impact in the pandemic economy. With in-person events on hold for the foreseeable future, they have to adapt to the virtual world or they will go out of business. The virtual event has its successes and challenges. It’s great for learning and education, but harder to execute successfully for closing sales.

In the broader world, businesses reported over and over that a vaccine and/or effective treatment is essential to returning fully to business. There are also comments about the broader impact of the elections and increasing polarization

Sewing is a bright spot in a dark world. Our biggest challenge is an uncertain future. Our current dedicated consumers are sewing more and many new sewists have arrived with the mask movement. How we keep them sewing is up to us.

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