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02/01/2013 7:17 PM | Anonymous

For the past 14 months I have been shadowing Rae Cumbie to learn about the duties of the Association’s president and other board members. I am now your official president, and I find that it will continue to be a learning process. When I was a new member and heard about board members getting together to work on a giant pink shirt for breast cancer awareness, I found myself wanting to be a part of that group that got together more than just at conference. I felt a little left out as I looked at the photos of those members “having fun” in the construction of the shirt. I think that some of the work on this project was done at the strategic planning meeting. That amazing pink shirt was unveiled at the first Chicago conference by a proud ASDP board, along with the story of its construction intricacies.

Your ASDP board members are busy planning this year’s Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, which takes place the end of February. We have an evergrowing list of tasks, some a continuation of last year’s meeting, some long-range plans, and some new projects. As always, improvement of the website is at the top of this list. So often, as board members we hear comments about the “wish lists” that members have for the website. Member input never falls on deaf ears and, although they can be very subtle, there are continual changes to the website. Check for the biggest updates in March, immediately after our meeting.

Final plans for our annual conference in Nashville this year are also a big part of the planning meeting. If you follow the discuss list and Facebook, you know that instructors and classes have been chosen from a wonderfully large list of candidates with excellent topics. Take advantage of the Master classes, held before and after the core conference to increase your knowledge base and to advance your business. The Threads challenge and fashion show is always a highlight of the conference. Entering this contest will help you to grow in ways you may not have even considered.

In my learning process about how ASDP “works,” I look forward to our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting. I most definitely do not feel left out any more and working with my fellow board members in the continuing promotion of ASDP is a joy. It is also with joy that I welcome and thank new members who have joined us in the past year and renewing members for your help and support.

Written by Teresa Nieswaag

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