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01/07/2013 8:15 PM | Anonymous

After unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, I’d like to offer a little hope for the holidays.

I recently posted about a 7-year-old child w/ Cystic Fibrosis who asked her teddy bear to be her “date” to the CF Ball. I offered to make a tuxedo for her 4-foot tall friend, free of charge, and enclosed a picture.

Katherine suggested I hang the bear by his ears and drape a pattern. I did just that! It worked great and was lots of fun! Thank you!

Kitty sent me a pattern I graded up and compared it to my pattern to true up some of the lines. She also sent me cashmere wool and satin so Grizzly could step out in style! I strategically laid out the pattern several times until I could fit it all in - I was determined to use that beautiful wool!

The jacket has a satin shawl collar and tails. I made a pleated tux shirt and had a picture of her dress so I matched the cummerbund and bow tie to it. The pants allowed his little tail to stick through, of course, I couldn’t help but line the whole thing.

I gave him a boutonniere and hat. When I was done, I realized he looked like my grandfather! LOL!

The little girl embraced her 4-foot buddy and the mom was so touched she cried. It was wonderful!

I cannot thank this group enough. I am so moved that Katherine and Kitty were so generous with this project and I appreciate every one of you!! ASDP is a truly amazing group and I am extremely proud to call myself a member.

Written by Tammy Haynes

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