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Mistress/Master of Your Domain

03/03/2015 12:28 PM | Anonymous

I am the Mistress/Master of my domain. Now prove it.

How often have you had customers balk at the price you have quoted for a garment? Or, still yet, try to bargain with you on the pricing? Did you ever think this might be because you are still being viewed as the person down the street who sews? They may be unsure that you know what you are doing or how well you can do it and thus hedge their bets for payments. Some of these thoughts may have even crept into your own psyche!

This is a continuing problem in our profession. Yes, we are in a profession, whether we create in our homes (basement, bedroom, etc.) or own a storefront. This is what we need to remember first and foremost. In remembering that, how do you move from “the person down the street who sews” to “professional dressmaker?”

The most obvious way is to enroll in the Master Certification Program. Here in black and white is the proof that you are first a professional, second you know what you are doing, and last but not least, you should be paid accordingly for your knowledge and expertise.

ASDP and its countless volunteers spent many years designing a Master’s Program to help change the public’s understanding of what we do, how well we do it and why we have to be paid accordingly. In the same venue, it gives us pause to know and be able to say and show, “Yes, I know what I am doing and I do it well!”

Take advantage of this opportunity to prove proudly you are the Mistress/Master of your domain and think seriously about getting certification. If you have any qualms, questions, or hesitations, talk to some of the members who have now been certified. They will be absolutely thrilled to help you become a member of their ranks.

There is a saying that if you are not moving forward, you are sliding backwards. (Linda Macke, June 2012) Let’s move forward

Written by Vandarra Robbins, MAS/MSDP Certification Board Member

Vanderra Robbins photo: Karen Bengtson

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