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What ASDP has meant to me

06/06/2015 9:54 AM | Anonymous

In recent days the discussion list has had “why I joined ASDP” as a topic. I love hearing why people join and hopefully stay members. I thought I would turn the discussion around a bit and write to you what I have gotten from PACC/ASDP. I became a member January 19, 1993.

I have gotten:

  • Confidence and with that comes validation of my skills (therefore I can charge accordingly) 
  • A great education, not only from the books I purchased, but from the authors themselves since so many of them are also members. 
  • Support and encouragement directly from ASDP members to write 3 books (instruction books no less!) 
  • To travel to San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Albuquerque, Portland, Novi, New Jersey/ New York, Savannah, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Jacksonville and other cities for conferences and to teach, all because of my affiliation with ASDP. 
  • To meet, and in some cases become friends, with Tom and Linda Platt, Betty Kirke, David Sassoon, Kenneth King, Judy Neukam, Nancy Zieman, Martha Pullen, Roberta Carr, David Coffin, Claire Shaffer, Susan Khalje, Helen Armstrong, and the one I will always treasure, Charles Kleibacker. When I pick up my Threads magazine, it’s like reading letters from friends. I’ve seen our members become regular contributors to major publications and rejoice in their success. Please forgive the names I’ve left out, there are just so many and I’m so blessed to know them. 
  • To participate in projects like the Vionnet project and now am among 40+ ASDP members who have their ½ scale garment at the Maryhill Museum 
  • My certification
  • To work with outstanding women on our Governance Board 

The most important thing I’ve gotten from ASDP is the deep and lasting friendship of so many people. Not very many organizations can say that. It is one of our strongest points and best assets. I can assure you that many question asked on the discussion list are not only answered on line, but are answered by a phone call. We pick up the phone and try to help our fellow members. We care. When one of us wins an award such as Ruth did recently, we are all there to offer our sincere congratulations. When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. Another example of our strong personal ties was watching members wait in the lobby in Philadelphia as our members arrived at the hotel. We just needed to be together.

To get all the benefits from ASDP, you have to give back. If you sit back and think things will just happen, they won’t. The more you give to the organization, the more you get. If you are on the discussion list, participate. If you are moved to write, then write an article. If you have an idea that would help the organization, let the board know. Please don’t think that just because you are new to the organization, you have nothing to offer. Not true. We want you here and we NEED you here.

I’ve had members call me ASDP’s cheerleader and I’ll take that moniker gladly. The above list is just a short example of how ASDP has affected my life. I quite simply would not be where I am today if I had not joined. And I like where I am today.

Written by Linda Stewart, ASDP Member

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