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Making a Pregnancy Costume

08/02/2015 7:50 PM | Anonymous

One would think a costume shop has everything! Think again. No costume for a pregnant actress that looks authentic?  When a friend of mine could not find the appropriate costume, she asked me if I would make a costume for her actress.

Because I make all of my shape wear (“Spanxlike”) I decided to use that as a foundation garment that could be “impregnated” and enabled stuffing to accommodate several stages of pregnancy.

With the help of ASDP experts Carol Kimball and Ruth Ciemnoczolowski I used my shape wear garment pattern and changed the fabrics used. 

For the front I used swimsuit lining fabric and for back I used 4-ply Lycra. I raised the waistline almost to the bra line and added shoulder straps.  I finished garment in same manner as my usual shape wear.

It was now fitted in back and legs and waiting to be stuffed in front.  I made an insertable stuffed “baby” that could be enlarged as needed and added an elastic strap to move baby high or low.  When the actress tried on her costume she looked ready to go into labor!

Written by Annie Barnes

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