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Finding the Perfect Sewing Service Project by Cathy Runion

12/07/2016 6:04 PM | Anonymous

There are three things to consider when determining the best sewing service project for your chapter:

  1. What are the benefits (other than winning Chapter of the Year) for the chapter?
  2. What volunteer options should you consider for your group that would best fit their goals as a chapter?
  3. What are the logistics to do this service project? How does doing a service project benefit your chapter? 
    1. Draw more members to your chapter by getting your name out to more people – publicity. 
    2. Make good use of your resources, whether it be from your stash or your chapter’s treasury account. 
    3. Makes us each feel better by giving back to our society and those that you will be helping options to consider? 
The options to consider are endless with the web at your fingertips, but to help you narrow down your options, here are a few things to consider.
  1. Do you want to stay within your community or go out into other areas of the state/ region/world? 
  2. Do you want to do a group sewing project where you sew items for a group in need, or consider teaching your trade by visiting schools, 4-H groups, or other sewing groups? 
  3. Logistics? 
    1. Local, National, or International? 
    2. What does your community need the most? 
    3. What supplies do you already have that you want to use up? 
    4. Money available to purchase items that are needed to make the project? 
    5. Does anyone in your group have a passion for anything in particular? 
These are all things to ponder when deciding which service project best fits your group. If your group decides to do a hands on sew, then all you need to do is type "sewing service projects" into Google and you will get over 3 million hits of organizations to help and patterns for your project.

Here is a list of a few of them:

  • St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital Quilts Little Sisters of the Poor – Items for them to sell to raise money for their home. 
  • Hospice Gowns Sewing for any school in need. 
  • The March of Dimes “Lovey” program – flannel hearts for the NICU Collect and donate unwanted fabric to the Children’s Museum, prison, etc. 
  • Project Linus Blankets Humane Society – pet beds, blankets, and bandanas
  •  Military neck coolers 
  • Mary Madeline Project – burial baby gowns made from bridal gowns 
  • Travel pillow cases 
  • Walker or Wheelchair Mobility Caddies 
  • Con Kerr Cancer pillow cases 
  • Capes for Kids – for children to boost their self esteem 
  • The Children’s Museum Hanger Sewing Project – make padded hangers
Check out for more project options for your group. Good luck in determining which one best fits your group!

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