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Code of Ethics Insight 1.2 by Dianne Frewer

03/05/2017 3:53 PM | Anonymous

Members shall, at all times, consider the health, safety and welfare of the public in their conduct of business.

*Whether the area where you interact with customers (not necessarily your work space) is a room in your home or a brick and mortar shop, it should always be clean, well-lit, and comfortable.  The area should not smell like your lunch. It is a good idea to have hand sanitizer and tissues available for public use.  

*Be aware of any carpet that may be frayed or worn.  If it cannot be replaced, tape it down to prevent someone from tripping. 

*Be aware of possible allergies.  The space should be as dust free as possible and be careful when using air fresheners.   

*When the customer is changing clothes, their privacy is paramount.  Always ask before you enter the dressing room to help them with a zipper or other closure. 

*You, as the business owner, are liable if the customer were to fall, trip, or slip.  In legal terms, your customers are invitees on your property, whether you operate in your home or rent a space. You are responsible for their well-being while they are in your studio. You should carry liability insurance to cover those potential mishaps.

*Customer garments are your responsibility also. They legally become your property when they are dropped off. This is called bailment.  Those items must be secured, protected and kept clean while in your care.  Any item, when returned to the customer, must be in as good if not better condition than when it was placed in your custody.

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